David Kaplan: challenges, construction, engineering

What do we know about a person whose sharp mind, ambition and ability to translate them into reality help implement projects
of global importance, which others were afraid to take
David Kaplan Entrepreneur
David Kaplan Russian businessman, was born in 1963 in former USSR in a Jewish family with spiritual fidelity, traditions and values of the Jewish people. After school he attended University with concentration in mathematics, system programming and game theory. For some period of time he worked in former USSR.
To this day Russian entrepreneur David Kaplan has implemented dozens of major projects, some of them are under the protection of UNESCO.
David Kaplan Engineering
Engineering is an applied science, a way of applying patents and a complex of
scientific knowledge to solve specific problems in the real world.
David Kaplan has implemented more than 70 large facilities in the field of infrastructure construction, reconstruction and oil refining.
Top 6 projects of David Kaplan
In order to understand the full scale of the personality of David Kaplan, the specifics
of his thinking and approach to complete complex tasks, it is enough to study several
implemented business projects. The most significant projects include:
1.Oil port in Primorsk
The specialized oil loading port of Primorsk is one of the largest oil ports in Europe The complex is the final destination of the Baltic Pipeline System project and locatedin the deep-sea mainland of the Gulf of Finland. The BTS project is defined by the Government of the Russian Federation as the main strategic task related to the exportof Russian oil in the north and northwest routes.
2.Reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia
The State Academic Bolshoi Theater is one of the most significant opera and ballet theaters in the world. The building of the Bolshoi Theater is a monument of architecture and history of the federal security category and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
3. The Altai Compound
Altai mountains are the pearl of Russia because it is beautiful and unique place. Around pristine nature there are greenery, clean air and raging rivers.
4. Restoration and reconstruction of the Cathedral in Kronstadt
Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas or St. Nicholas Stavropegic Naval Cathedral is the last and largest of the naval cathedrals built in the Russian Empire. The cathedral was constructed in 1903-1913 in Kronstadt in memory of the sons of the fleet, who died on duty, a cathedral for those who are in the sea.
5. The historical reconstruction of the Danilov Monastery
Danilovsky or Holy Danilovsky Monastery is a stavropegic Russian monastery of Orthodox church. It is one of the oldest historical and religious monuments of world culture founded in the end of the 13th century by the Moscow prince Daniil Alexandrovich.
6. The Construction of the Kazan Arena stadium
The facility was finished in record time, in May 2013. Today the stadium is called Ak Bars Arena and is the largest multifunctional sports facility in the Volga region, designed for sporting events and business events of an international scale: Opening Ceremonies and closing of the XXVII World Summer Universidad in Kazan 2013, World Water Championship Sports in 2015, Confederations Cup in 2017, opening and closing of the 45th World Standards Championship WorldSkills-2019. The total capacity of the Ak Bars Arena stadium is 45,379 seats. The annual traffic of the stadium is 1 million visitors.

Doing what you like is an unprecedented luxury in the modern world. Most entrepreneurs do not have such an opportunity. They are forced to do something that brings some money, but not pleasure. It’s different in David Kaplan’s case, he brings to life complex and interesting projects that motivate big initiatives.

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